America’s Greenest Vehicle: The Prius c

by Toyota in the News on January 24, 2013

Even compared to vehicles that don’t run on gasoline at all—like EVs and cars powered by compressed natural gas—the Toyota Prius c is the greenest vehicle in the country. Just ask the experts at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), who put the Prius c at the very top of their Greenest Vehicles of 2013 honor roll.

The rating relies on an exacting methodology that’s been further fine-tuned for this year and takes into account both energy efficiency and emissions. For the Prius c, that meant looking at factors like its EPA line of 53 mpg city/46 mpg highway/50 mpg combined, as well as an EPA CO2 emissions rating of 10—the best score offered and reflecting a mere 179 grams per mile of emissions.

According to Lexington Toyota Dealerships, with superior efficiency being the hallmark of the entire Prius family, every member found its way onto the Greenest Vehicles roster: The one that started it all, the Toyota Prius liftback, was in third place on the list, showcasing an EPA line of 51/48/50; in fourth place was the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid, with similar EPA marks enhanced by an all-electric zero-emissions driving range of more than 10 miles. The versatile and roomy Prius v captured the 11th position, thanks to its ability to achieve EPA grades of 44 mpg city/40 mpg highway/42 mpg combined. And note that, just like the Prius c, the other Prii also earn the top possible EPA scores for CO2 emissions.

All of which helps explain why the Prius family was responsible for a record-breaking 236,659 sales last year at dealerships like Salem Toyota Dealers, an increase of more than 70 percent as compared to sales from 2011.

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